Monday, December 5, 2016

Cold Weather

Now that winter is here, please remember the following:
Metro superintendents check the weather in the morning and make a determination as to whether or not buses are cancelled for the day in the Metro area. -45 degrees Celsius or colder (with windchill) and or severe snowstorms are a couple of the determining factors. Once a decision is made to cancel school buses, a synrevoice message will then be sent out to parents and principals. The news media is also alerted to cancellations and Division websites are updated to reflect any announcement.

Please remember to dress your child(ren) for the weather. We only have indoor recess when it is -28 degrees Celsius or colder. Otherwise, your child(ren) spend recess time outdoors. Children are not allowed to stay indoors for recess as we do not have any supervision for them. If your children are too sick to go outside, then they are too sick to come to school.

If you have any questions about cold weather or recesses, please feel free to contact the school.
Thank you for your understanding.

Stevenson Staff

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